Congress still without a speaker as government shutdown looms (includes video story)

The United States enters its thirteenth day without a speaker of the House, extending Congress’ paralysis to make decisions about the nation’s most pressing issues.

On Friday, GOP lawmakers nominated Rep. Jim Jordan to the speakership. The Ohio congressman needs a total of 217 votes to be elected.

“The fact that there is not a speaker right now just goes to show that a lot of our politicians on both sides are having a lot of issues keeping a basic level of democracy,” said Adisa Anyika, a petty officer first class in the Navy.

Congress may have less than a month to avoid a government shutdown on Nov. 17. Other issues involve voting on military aid for Ukraine and Israel. 

House lawmakers will be voting on a speaker Nov. 17, and so far it seems Jordan does not have the necessary votes to be elected.

Alexandra Howard is a junior pursuing a bachelor’s in Digital Journalism and Political Science. She aspires to become a political and legal affairs journalist, and enjoys writing stories about all branches of politics, social justice issues and the law.