Descendants of female slave and her owner come together to commemorate Juneteenth (includes video story)

Two unlikely groups came together this Juneteenth. The descendant of a slave and her owner met for the first time this Monday in Crawfordville, Georgia in order to heal from the past.

“We embraced each other,” said Elizabeth Coleman, a descendant of slave Eliza Stephens. “They were very welcoming to us, we were very welcoming to them. It was just a real time of fellowship.”

The event took place on the lawn where history lives within Georgia Red Clay. Eliza Stephens was bought as a young girl by John Lindsay Stephens, half-brother of Alexander Hamilton Stephens.

“The stories that their family tells that we know, are true stories about what happened under the system of slavery,” said Alexander Stephens, descendants of John Lindsay. “And we wanted to be here to acknowledge that and recognize that.”

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