Finding purpose in risk: life after religion (includes audio story)

From acting to snowboarding to politics, Florida International University student Alexander Wagenman is what most people would call a daredevil — and all his work seems to be connected to one word: escape.

Episode 1

New Mexico “born and raised” — as he likes to say — Alex Wagenman usually shares his stories traveling around. At first sight, it might seem like he was just ‘born with it’, but his story is way different. Leaving Mormonism, Alex found his purpose after sacrificing a big part of himself.

Episode 2

After leaving the church, Alex had little to hold on to, so he dove deep into one of the things he yearned for most: adventure. He pushed his limits until he could not see the ground, and that almost cost him his life.

Episode 3

Although it was frightening, staring straight into the abyss did not stop Wagenman. In fact, for him, it was a checkpoint, a sign that he was on the right path. Risk is now a guiding light for Alex. He finds himself in uncharted territory.

Theo Lozano Wong is a Peruvian writer and filmmaker studying Digital TV and Multimedia Production who combines storytelling and sports to reflect on everyday life. As the founder and President of the FIU Surf Club, he has produced more than two dozen short films about their adventures. Theo has co-written, co-produced, and directed the photography of El Tercio, a successful Peruvian YouTube series. He is also a contributing sports photographer for PantherNOW and a Digital Specialist for FIU’s BOLD.