FIU women’s tennis team wins big at sunshine state showdown (includes video story)

Three words: “14 straight wins.”

That’s the recent record of the FIU women’s tennis team as they approach the last matches of their season. This past Sunday, the ladies took on the University of South Florida at noon on the FIU tennis courts. 

Panther fans, alumni, and student athletes showed their support at the sunshine state showdown.

“Every opportunity I have to come here and support them,” says former FIU tennis player Kamila Umarova, who was at the match. “I just use it.”

Both Kasper Skraep, FIU men’s soccer player, and Travel Morris, an FIU women’s volleyball player, also attended the match.

Not only did the ladies win, but they did with a clean sweep. 

Final score: USF -0, FIU- 4 

Kimora Miller is a senior seeking a bachelor’s degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communications at FIU. Her current interests involve sports entertainment, social media, collegiate dance, and on-air interviews.