Five best places for Asian BBQ in Miami and Broward

Picking out a place to eat in South Florida can be overwhelming. There’s Cuban, Colombian, Ecuadorian and much more. Asian BBQ is the perfect option when you can’t make up your mind. These joints offer a wide variety of menu items, from vegetables to seafood to meat to poultry to rice and noodles. 

The following is a list of the top five Asian BBQ restaurants in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Each one offers a unique experience and menu. You can even cook it yourself.

Chow One BBQ meats with side dishes (Tania Jimenez/SFMN)

Chow One Korean Steakhouse

8369 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(954) 499-8946 

Once you’ve sat down next to your grill and scanned the menu’s QR code, the server hands you a small piece of paper with entrée options that include different styles of steak, pork, chicken and seafood. You and your guest will glow in the unique blue lighting and be engulfed in the smells of Korean BBQ as K-Pop and K-R&B play in the background. Signature cocktails include the Deku Midoriya, named after My Hero Academia’s main character, for $12. It contains Midori liquor, apple pucker mixed with vodka, peach schnapps topped off with sprite. There are also Korean beers and liquors. Try multiple flavors of meat like the spicy pork bulgogi and Chow One soy steak with the All You Can Eat price of $31.99. Be aware of the excess charge for leftovers, so make sure to eat up! 

Gabose BBQ meat and seafood pancake with side dishes (Tania Jimenez/SFMN)

Gabose BBQ

4991 N University Dr.
Lauderhill, FL 33351
(954) 572-4800

Immediately upon entering, you’re hit with the mouthwatering smell of meat being grilled on charcoal. Because it is one of few restaurants in South Florida that allows guests to cook on charcoal indoors, there are long wait times. The delay was 2.5 hours for one of these tables the day we were there. Try the yangyum galbi gui for $32 and the deaji bulgogi for $20. The smoky flavor of the steak and pork belly attracts people from all over the state. At their other site next door, you’ll walk into a typical small Korean-style restaurant alongside a karaoke machine. Those confident in their singing ability can try to go for a perfect score and, in turn, score free shots! They aren’t open on Sundays, but the other six days of the week are excellent to check it out. 

Doughnuts drizzled in condensed milk and chocolate at Gogiya (Tania Jimenez/SFMN)

Gogiya Korean BBQ

6862 Stirling Rd.,
Hollywood, FL 33024
(754) 465-5995

Right next to the entrance, you see tiny versions of Hanboks or traditional Korean clothing. To your left, your glance is met with multiple televisions playing K-Pop music videos and Korean street chefs doing their thing. Try the Haw Muchim for $35.99; it is a huge plate of sashimi and vegetables with red pepper paste. For those who don’t like seafood, try the small combo for $70.99; it includes four different kinds of meat. Although you aren’t able to grill your own meat, the chef maintains the smokey feel that makes Korean BBQ so glorious. Side dishes never run out, and the sauces make the flavor pop! Quick tip: ask for sesame oil and pour it onto the salt. It will elevate the Samgyeopsal, or grilled pork belly, to the next level.

Grilling steak and shisito peppers at Gyu-Kaku (Alexa Velez/SFMN)


34 SW 13th St Ste R1
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 400-8915

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is well known for grill-top tables where you cook your own food and “be your own chef.” Guests are given a menu with an assortment of raw meat cuts, fresh veggies, seafood and sweets for dessert. The waiter kindly explains how to operate the flame with a knob underneath the table. Each guest is given tongs and a “grill guide” for how long to cook the food. The most ordered meat is the bistro hanger steak marinated with miso and garlic for $9.95 or $8.95 during happy hour. Another best-seller is the garlic shoyu chicken thigh marinated in sweet garlic soy sauce, for $6.95 or $5.95 during happy hour. Mix and match anything on the menu. And if that’s not enough, for dessert, try the Hershey’s chocolates, graham crackers and marshmallows to put on a stick and make your own s’mores for $3.50 for two.

Korean fried wings, tteokbokki, mandu, ramyun and gimbap at KIMBOP (Alexa Velez/SFMN)


14395 SW 139th Ct. Ste 106
Miami, FL 33186
(786) 270-9588

If you want to experience Asian BBQ but aren’t interested in grilling your own food, KIMBOP is the place to go. It is a small, quaint Korean restaurant located in West Kendall near the Miami Executive Airport. Here you order your food fully cooked, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your fingers dirty! One of their top-selling menu items is the Korean fried wings drenched in sweet and spicy chili sauce, available for $14.99. They also feature spicy pork bulgogi over white rice for $13.99. You can pair your barbecue with Korean ramyun noodles, fried mandu (aka Korean dumplings), or tteokbokki (simmered rice cakes in spicy sauce). This cozy and private location is the perfect spot for a quiet date or a night out with friends.

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