Gun violence terrorizes Father’s Day and Juneteenth celebrations (includes video story)

This past weekend was meant for fun celebrations acknowledging Father’s Day and Juneteenth, but in some cities across the U.S., it became a weekend of mourning and grief as gun violence continued to run rampant.

On June 17, a crowd celebrating Juneteenth had the night ruined when multiple suspects allegedly fired rounds of gunfire. One person died and 22 were injured during that shooting in a city 21 miles west of Chicago.

In St. Louis, nine people were injured and one 17-year-old male died Sunday after shots were fired inside an office building hosting a party around 1 a.m. A 17-year-old suspect is in custody at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

In Quincy, Washington, a city located 160 miles east of Seattle, a dance festival ended abruptly Saturday night after two people were shot dead and three others were injured. The alleged shooter was injured by police after sustaining a gunshot wound and is expected to survive the injuries.

Two Pennsylvania state troopers were wounded during a shootout with a suspect. One of the state troopers later died from the wounds.

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