Beyond the four walls (includes podcast)

Beyond the Four Walls is a podcast in which three journalists from Florida International University dive into housing insecurity in South Florida. The podcast strives for a deeper understanding of the challenges college students face to make ends meet. Listen to the insights of those in power about potentially innovative solutions and the human stories of those affected.

Pictured above is Rep. Jervonte Edmonds working on housing proposals to introduce to lawmakers. (Photo courtesy @tae_edmonds)

Podcast 1: Behind the Gavel

We sat down with Democratic Florida Rep. Jervonte Edmonds, who represents the 88th district in West Palm Beach. We spoke about his latest housing proposals for the upcoming legislative session next year. Listen to learn more about the potential impacts on homeowners, the legislative process, and the broader implications for our communities.

Episode 2: Moving Pains 

Meet Karla Bendles, a senior at Florida International University, who shares her experience adjusting to the high cost of living. Bendles discusses how she moved from Boca Raton back into her parents’ house in the Miami area because of unaffordable housing options. She walks us through the challenges of balancing work and student life to stay afloat.

Kaylin Linder is a senior broadcasting journalism student at Florida International University. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism. She has been in love with Journalism since the eighth grade and started to hone in on her love for writing in her freshman year of high school. She enjoys reading and watching anything that deals with true crime because she loves how reporters never forget who the victims were and what they meant to their loved ones. After graduating, Kaylin looks forward to reporting about injustices going on in the United States.

Cassandra Alonso is a senior TV and multimedia production student at Florida International University. She is well-versed in all areas of media and has been interested in it since she was young. She has worked on editing high school yearbooks and has a strong passion for writing, editing, photography, and social media. She creates her own content online and has enjoyed networking within FIU. She looks forward to taking leadership roles and loves working with other people. Her goal is to indulge in all aspects of the TV production industry, create her own productions, and expand her interests further.

Avonte McDonald is a journalist at Florida International University who has an interest in graphic design. McDonald’s passion for journalism started at a young age watching their mother be a journalist in Jamaica. McDonald plans to pursue a career where they can incorporate 3D modeling, motion graphics, game art and design in his work.