The United Front: Florida law’s effect on immigrants (includes audio story)

The United Front sheds light on the effects of a new Florida immigration law. It looks at the economic and personal consequences of legislationn that went into effect in July 2023.

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Episode 1: Jeannie Economos, a coordinator for the Florida Farmworkers Association, has worked for over 20 years on a variety of issues like environmental justice, immigrants’ rights, labor, peace and more. She delves into the effects that Florida’s new laws have had on immigrant farmworkers and what can be done to help. “We look at people holistically. We are relational, we work with people on a daily basis,” she explained.

Episode 2: Elizabeth Ruiz, an undocumented immigrant, talks about the effects of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ laws that went into effect on July 1. “It puts a strain on one’s mental health… you’re constantly in a mindset of fear, ” she explained. She discussed the effects the law has had on herself, her family and others she knows. She also talked about her future and what’s next.

Zeth Leon is of Cuban descent. He is currently a Junior at FIU majoring in Digital Communications and Media with a concentration in digital broadcasting. After graduation, he plans to incorporate his love for sports into his work by becoming a play-by-play commentator or talk show host for a sports network.

Jorge is a Puerto Rican native majoring in digital communication and media with a minor in marketing. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in the world of film editing and production with the ultimate goal of creating his own project while representing the Latino community through his art.