Inside the mind podcast: Alzheimer’s impact on caregivers (includes audio story)

Inside the Mind podcast takes a look at the emotional and financial burden of Alzheimer’s disease on patients and caregivers, from a younger generation’s perspective.

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Episode 1: Dr. Timothy Allen, the director of the Neurocircuitry & Cognition Lab in the Cognitive Neuroscience Program and Department of Psychology at Florida International University, speaks about his grandfather’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease, the struggles his family faced, and what motivated him to dedicate his time to research about the illness. “It’s tough on the family when a loved one no longer recognizes you,” he said.

Episode 2: Damari Menéndez, a Cuban pharmacist who lost her father to Alzheimer’s disease in 2021, shares her side of the story, telling all the struggles and difficulties she had to overcome during her father’s illness. Menéndez also talks about life after her father’s passing. “It was extremely sad. It was overwhelming, especially for my mom, she was not getting enough sleep and she was not sleeping well,” she said.

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