Jordan celebrates Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II’s engagement (includes video story)

The streets of Amman were filled with anticipation yesterday as crowds eagerly awaited arrival of the motorcade carrying Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II and his new Saudi bride, Rajwa Al Saif. People from all corners of the city gathered, proudly displaying their love and support with flags and pictures.

“We are overjoyed by the wedding of the crown prince,” said Maj Kawar, a motorcade-goer. “He is not just a member of the royal family, but a cherished son of Jordan and we are so happy we feel like we’re marrying off someone from our family. As you can see behind me the people are all out in the street. It’s very safe and well organized.”

The celebrations in Jordan had been going on all week, starting with the Henna bridal party that flooded social media with photos and videos of Rajwa in a stunning white gown adorned with embroidered Arabic poetry. This was followed by the celebration of Jordanian Independence Day. All of it led up to the highly anticipated big day.

On Thursday, the bride and groom celebrated their Islamic marriage ceremony, known as a “katb ktab,” at Zahran Palace. They were then transported in a red motorcade, featuring red Land Rover convertibles, throughout Amman to Al Husseiniya Palace, where a lavish reception and royal dinner awaited them.

Distinguished guests from various countries, such as U.S. First Lady Jill Biden, Kate Middleton, Prince William and other international royals attended the wedding.

Layan Abu Tarboush is a digital broadcasting major at FIU, currently pursuing a minor in International Relations. As an international student from Jordan, Layan is fluent in both Arabic and English and has a deep interest in reporting on Middle Eastern affairs. Layan takes pride in being multicultural with great exposure from the East and West.