A nonprofit welcomes worldwide leaders, including former Colombian president (includes video story)

Lives Amplified: Global Leaders Society hosted their monthly conference with special guest Andres Pastrana, former President of Colombia, on Feb 29.

The organization touches on global events and discusses humanitarian issues through the eyes of international figures. Every month, the society’s members have access to network opportunities with distinguished guests and create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The effects of narcotrafficking in Colombia were one of the key topics Pastrana talked about, explaining his plan for a safer, drug-free country.

“The cocaine is really getting closer and closer to the border of the Amazon basin,” said Pastrana. “We have to protect that…otherwise it’s going to be destroyed by the drug.”

The next event will be held at the Lique Miami Waterfront Restaurant & Lounge on March 26 with former President of Bolivia Jorge Tuto Quiroga.

Valentina Gaspari is a sophomore majoring in Digital Broadcasting. A bilingual woman who enjoys traveling and covering/editing stories, Gaspari is passionate about working in the news or entertainment field as a reporter or producer after graduation.