Kpop fans across South Florida organize events to unite the community (includes video story)

As K-Pop continues to grow throughout the United States, fans host events to unite the community. One was held recently at The Corner, a Miami gathering place.

“I think just having this space that’s here at The Corner and other spaces in the future just creates that atmosphere and space for those communities to come together and show off what they have through each other,” says Nik Rodman, event creator for Miami Kpop Night. “It’ll just naturally happen.”

Miami Kpop Night serves the community by hosting local DJs, food and street vendors, as well as performers.

“I think it’s exhilarating to DJ here, especially in a well-received crowd like this one,” says Manuela Gomez, a multi-skilled artist. “It’s like if I was every member that came out every time a song I turn into them.”

Cindy Claros is a senior majoring in Digital Media/Broadcasting Journalism. After graduation, she hopes to work in the entertainment industry and for shows such as "Good Morning America" and "The Real" or start her podcast.