Top Miami Marlins Prospects

Since the Major League Baseball draft in July, all 30 teams have signed top prospects. In the past couple years, The Miami Marlins have acquired players who many fans are excited to see., prospect seekers and Perfect Game regularly rank players on all the teams. Locally, though, we have our own ideas. Below you will find our picks for the five best Marlins’ signees. When these young talents reach the major leagues, the Marlin’s will become a team to watch out for. Some of them already rank ahead of present-day Marlins players. 

Jacob Berry (via Blue Leprechaun Photography

Jacob Berry
Cortez, Arizona
Bats/Hits: Switch
Throws: Right
3rd Base/Outfield/Designated Hitter
Jupiter Hammerheads

Easily the most awaited rookie on this list, Jacob Berry is bound to make a lasting impression. The Marlins signed him at the end of July, and by the beginning of August, he was promoted from the rookie team in the Florida Complex League to single A with the Jupiter Hammerheads. Berry earned an extensive number of honors and accolades, such as being named to the 2021 U.S. Collegiate National Team, the Marlins became impressed by the 21-year-old’s potential. Berry is predicted to wind up on first base, arguably the most important defensive position, but he’ll fit the profile wherever he’s placed. With an on-base percentage of .343, Berry will likely = make his pro debut quicker than’s estimated 2025 date.

Joe Mack (via Blue Leprechaun Photography)

Joe Mack
Williamsville, New York
Bats/Hits: Left
Throws: Right
Jupiter Hammerheads

Essentially a top prospect from the very beginning, Joe Mack led Williamsville East High to a Class A title and established himself as one of the best catching prospects in the 2021 draft. Mack played both basketball and volleyball in high school, giving him an edge in catching. With plus arm strength and incredible pop-up times, Mack is quicker and more athletic than most catchers. In fact, only 12% of Major League players bat left and throw right, making Mack a prospect to look out for. Maybe he will be part of the 32% of Major League batters to throw right and bat left. Watch out big bro Charlie Mack of the Cincinnati Twins. Your brother might just throw you out at second base.

Jose Salas (via

Jose Salas
Kissimmee, Florida
Bats/Hits: Switch
Throws: Right
Beloit Sky Carp

Born in Orlando into a family of professional Venezuelan baseball players, Jose Salas spent his teenage years in Venezuela before coming back to be signed by the Marlins in 2019. He played for different clubs in both Venezuela and the Dominican Republic before being drafted by the Fish. In the eyes of MLB, he has good speed and arm strength, making him a key player anywhere in the infield. Not only is he a solid player defensively, at bat he could produce nearly 25 home runs per season because of his good eye for the strike zone. At 19 years old, Salas has already been promoted to single A+ and is expected to make his major league debut by 2024.

Yiddi Cappe (via Blue Leprechaun Photography)

Yiddi Cappe
Havana, Cuba
Bats/Hits: Right
Throws: Right
Shortstop/3rd Base
Jupiter Hammerheads

After leaving Cuba in 2018, Yiddi Cappe instantly became one of the top prospects in the 2019 international class. International clubs everywhere were interested, but with the 2019 decisions already finalized, it left him with the decision to wait until 2020. Due to the pandemic, the deal was pushed to 2021 when he signed for $3.5 million. With his quick actions and solid arm strength, it’s believed that he might outgrow the shortstop position. Predicting this, the Marlins believe he will excel at third base. Standing at 6-foot-3, opponents might have a hard time making it home. 

Marcus Johnson (via

Marcus Johnson
Fontana, California
Bats/Hits: Right
Throws: Right
Right Handed Pitcher
Jupiter Hammerheads

Serving as Duke’s top reliever in 2021, Marcus Johnson was an asset to leading the Devils to their first Atlantic Coast Conference tournament ever and first league title in 50 years. At 6’6”, with a clean delivery and a fastball that can hit 94 mph, Johnson is predicted to become a starter. While being scouted, he wasn’t looked at as a reliever. Because of his height, the MLB already has predicted that his throws will not only going to gain accuracy, but also strength and speed. For now, Johnson throws enough strikes to remain a starter in the minors with hope of eventually opening for the Marlins.

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