Miramar Cultural Center hosts Comics Expo (includes video story)

The Miramar Comics Expo filled the halls of the Miramar Cultural Center last Saturday with comic books, games and activities galore.

The exposition is an annual event that brings super fans in the Miramar community under one roof, giving them the chance to pick up a new comic, show off their cosplay skills and watch events on the theatre stage.

Stephanie Nadolny, voice actress of Gohan and Kid Goku from “Dragon Ball Z,” explained why conventions are important to the community. “We all get excited about something, whether it’s from your childhood or into your adulthood, there’s something for everyone in a comic expo,” she said.

With over 500 people in attendance, the Miramar Comic Expo is expected to be even bigger in 2024.

Rafael Hernandez is a Venezuelan-American senior at Florida International University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism. With a passion for writing, politics, and social issues, he hopes to achieve a career in the news media industry after graduating.