Missile washes up on Palm Beach shore (includes video story)

When Palm Beach homeowner David Marder looked out his window, he did not expect to see what looked like a missile in the water. 

On Saturday, the object was discovered by a snorkeler about five to 10 feet below the surface. A dive team was dispatched to examine the contents and check that it was not dangerous to the public. 

“They ended up having three sheriffs’ boats on the, just like to the south of here. They were having divers go down with ropes. They kept tying things up. They’d go back to the boat, tie another thing up,” said Marder. 

Police say that there are no dangers to the public and believe the object to be a non-explosive U.S. training missile. Yet, it has not been positively identified. 

For Palm Beach residents, the mystery continues. Some have speculated it could be from World War II, due to the Navy’s presence in the area during the war.

Investigations are underway to see where the tubular object came from.  


Amanda Gray is a Cuban-American student majoring in digital media at FIU. She intends to utilize her knowledge of writing, public speaking, editing, and social media management to pursue a career in non-profit work, bringing to life her passion for communication and advocacy. Gray has enjoyed extensive international travel and uses her global perspective to highlight and serve communities.