Ocean pollution continues to rise (includes podcast)

Ocean pollution is a disaster. While to some it may not seem like much of an issue, the effects are often devastating. Millions of tons of plastics and microplastics enter the ocean as a result of carelessness each year.

Because of improper and illegal waste disposal, most of the plastic that should be reused or recycled ends up dumped on land. Rainwater and wind often carry these plastics into bodies of water. As a result, aquatic animals and birds end up ingesting it, and sea life suffers.

Dr. Henry Briceno, a research professor at Florida International University’s Southwest Environmental Research Center, focuses on water quality and human-impact in South Florida. He brings water quality issues Briceno makes sure to bring water issues to the attention of politicians in hope of change.

Our team’s hope is to bring awareness to this issue and inspire others to make a change. With enough individuals aware, we can start reversing the effects of ocean pollution. Not only will the quality of sea life be improved, but so will human life as well.

Christopher Larsen is a Puerto Rican-American student studying digital TV and multimedia production at FIU. He has a passion for politics, photography and making videos. He hopes to one day work for NPR or another media organization.

Abram Garcia is a Cuban student at FIU, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Digital TV and Media Production. He is really passionate about movies and media in general, which is what drove him to follow this path. He loves basketball, Marvel, and is also a Christian. He hopes to use his skills to make something great and related to his interests.

Myles Devine is an African American student studying digital communications and media at FIU. His hobbies include photography and astronomy, which he hopes to incorporate throughout his career in the media industry.