South Florida pet rescue organization saves five dogs from meat market (includes video story)

Five dogs have landed a second chance at life in South Florida after traveling for over 50 hours from a Chinese meat market.

Good Karma Pet Rescue had been working on this rescue for over a year, and the pandemic did not make it any easier.

With the help of rescue partners in China, the dogs were loaded onto a cargo flight and the wait began.

“This time they went through cargo, which was the only option to get them over here,” said Brianna Garris, a volunteer at Good Karma. “It was more expensive, but with the help of supporters we were able to fundraise to cover it.”

A veterinarian examined the dogs after their flight to determine any health issues. She gave them fluids and vitamins to treat dehydration after their long journey.

Some of the five dogs do have permanent health issues. One dog has only one eye and another dog has only three legs.

Other dogs had ongoing health issues that need to be taken care of. During this time, all five dogs are being cared for by fosters.

“A lot of the dogs we just got from China are special needs, so we patch them up, whatever can be fixed. And then if there’s something that’s more ongoing, we’re just going to make sure we have all of the medical information in one place. That way, with the adopters, we can just give them full transparency about any ongoing issues they may have to deal with,” said Garris.

Two of the dogs, Selene and Wink, are ready for adoption. They are still with their respective foster families until they find a forever home.

Selene is approximately 7 years old. Wink is between 1-2 years old and is missing one eye.

Good Karma Pet Rescue is always looking for people to become volunteers, fosters or both.

“Start with one and have a lot of patience, because again, you don’t know where the animal is coming from,” said Heather, Selene’s foster.

For more information on volunteering, fostering, adopting or donating, click here.

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