South Florida sushi takes on Latin spice (includes video story)

Sushi Fusion’s story began in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Sushi was still new and not very popular in the United States. Chefs combined it with another cuisine, particularly Peruvian, to develop something new.

Sushi chefs struggled, but this pushed them to get creative and experiment with native ingredients, the result: the California roll, the first fusion-style sushi.

Later it moved to South Florida, where it has taken on a particularly Latin flavor.

Our project explores the mix of cultures between the Japanese tradition and the rich cultural diversity in South Florida and how these interact to create sushi with a twist.

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Casey Teel is a digital communications and media major at Florida International University. She aspires to be a digital media editor.

Estefania Ugueto is a junior majoring in broadcast media with a track on TV Production. She was born in Venezuela and currently resides in Weston, FL. One of her passions is organizing events and productions. She likes to dance, teach tricks to her ferrets and make art. 

Joshua is a production student who is passiomnta about his field. But telling stories is his calling. One of his favorite quotes comes from Tim Burton: “Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.”
Steven is a TV production student who has a drive for videography and editing. Through sound production and small videos, he expresses himself and shares the stories of those around him, He enjoys sound and video production, and photography.

Daniela loves to tell stories. Her favorite ways to tell stories are through video and photography. She is interested in human-related stories, food, and nature.  She enjoys exploring, eating, and meeting new people. She is working towards getting her degree in Broadcast Media with a track in TV Production.