Off the streets: Stray pets mean problems (includes audio story)

Welcome to “Off the Streets” Podcast, where we shed light on the overpopulation of stray pets in South Florida. We talk with those making a difference in our communities by tackling this growing problem.

Off the Streets is a podcast that discusses the issue of the stray pet population in South Florida. In episode one, host Katie Kelly, sits down with Caitlin Dundey, who had devoted her time to rescuing homeless parrots. She explains how her relationship with parrots has developed as well as the process of fostering them. She also emphasizes the leading causes of the stray parrot population, including the extreme noise levels that they produce.

In episode two of Off the Streets, host Katie Kelly, speaks to Kiyomi Taylor about the TNR process in Japan, providing a global outlook to the issue of stray cat population. She discusses what trap, neuter, and return means which is the most humane way to reduce the number of stray cats in communities. The stray cats are trapped by volunteers who take the cats to vets to receive proper medical attention along with being spayed and neutered. Once the cats are recovered they will be released back to their original location and become community cats or adopted depending on their demeanor. 

Katie Kelly is a senior majoring in digital journalism with an area of concentration in Psychology. Once she graduates, Katie is interested in pursuing her career in the journalism world.

Cailyn Guevara is a senior digital journalism student at Florida International University. She obtained an associate degree in Mass Communications/Journalism from Miami Dade College. Her love for words and curiosity of the world continues to inspire her within the journalism field. In addition to her love for writing, she enjoys reading as you will always find her with a book in hand. Cailyn looks forward to using her journalism background to share and explore new perspectives, as well as work on producing content for social media accounts across platforms.

Amal Albaladejo is a senior majoring in multimedia production. She has a passion for filmmaking and editing. After graduation, she plans on getting a master's in library science to then make her way to becoming an audio/visual archivist.