Supreme Court to decide on three major cases (includes video story)

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide on three major cases regarding affirmative action, LGBTQ+ rights and student loan forgiveness before the end of the term this week.  

After the Dobbs decision overturned the constitutional right to abortion last year, the Supreme Court faced a wave of backlash and scrutiny from analysts and the American public. 

According to the latest polls, 58 percent of Americans disapprove of the rulings, and about a third perceive the judges as openly ideological

“The public definitely perceives the conservative nature of the court because that’s evident from its ruling,” said Caroline Fredrickson, professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University.

Fredrikson is concerned by the recent increase in ideologically charged rulings.

“The public does not respect the Court, not because of the outcomes of the ruling, necessarily, but because the ruling seems driven by politics and not by legal reasoning,” she said.

Samuel Larreal is a Venezuelan journalism student with a concentration in political science and international relations. He is interested in reporting on human rights, immigration and civic freedom.