Tattoo Expo in DC attracts body art fanatics (includes video story)

The 13th annual D.C. Tattoo Expo made its return as artists from around the world went to showcase their work. 

The event took place between Feb. 16-18 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. 

Each day had different activities and shows for everyone to participate in. Food trucks were also on site outside the hotel. 

The main reason people flock to the event is to get body art from over 50 talented artists who came from around the world. It’s also a way for artists to advertise their shops in order to garner new clientele. 

The next D.C. Tattoo Expo is expected next year.

Pablo Hernandez was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida. He has a huge love for sports and aspires to be a sports analyst on television in the future.