The five best burger spots in Kendall and nearby

Miami is a melting pot of both cultures and flavors. Yet America is still America, and despite the diversity of food here, no one can deny the appeal of a good juicy burger. And this patriotic plate comes in new and tasty combinations in the Magic City. 

Unexpectedly, the boring suburbs – specifically Kendall and environs – offer some of the most mind-blowing creations. 

So, without further delay, here are five of the best Kendall-made burgers: 

The grim reaper. Photo by Steban Rondon/SFMN.

Killer Melts

12310 SW 127th Ave.


(786) 592-2358

When you think of burgers, you expect killer flavor combinations. This place does not disappoint. In its vibrant, cool, and modern environment, you get an incredibly diverse menu featuring grilled cheese sandwiches that we didn’t even know existed, including the mobster melt – a mix of roma tomatoes, basil pesto, melted mozzarella and balsamic glaze – along with some tasty burgers and side options like blue cheese fries that are interesting in their own regard. 

The grim reaper seems to be the craze here. Its sweet combination of bacon and red pepper jelly on top of two glorious 3.5oz burger patties seasoned with chipotle aioli was definitely worth the $9.95 price.

Asado con palta and cebolla frita. Photo by Steban Rondon/SFMN.

Mr. & Mrs. Bun

15572 SW 72nd St.


(786) 717-6244

Despite the apparent simplicity of burgers, there’s plenty of space for creativity. And at Mr. & Mrs. Bun, you can find some pretty interesting ideas. 

In this cozy little restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of burgers that meld Kendall’s Hispanic cuisine with American choices. From BBQ chicken-wing sandwiches to butifarra burgers (seasoned sausage with pork and meat), this place will test not only your Spanish but also your taste buds. 

Our personal favorite is the asado con palta & cebolla frita. Made up of mouthwatering beef served in a crunchy homemade bun topped with avocado slices and crispy red onions, this $13.99 burger is both exceedingly fresh and instagramable. 

The Hustler burger. Photo by Steban Rondon/SFMN.


1673 SW 107th Ave. 


(305) 640-5258

Right next to FIU’s main campus lies Miami startup burger venture Burbowl. This business is not just about the quality of its product, but also its style. With the avant-garde design of its locations, Burbowl provides a memorable experience that promises to satisfy both the hungry and the curious. 

Our suggestion is The Hustler, a perfect combination of double Black Angus meat, grilled onions, mushrooms, garlic chipotle sauce, and smoked bacon. You can always build your own burger or try the diverse selection of bowls and juicy hot dogs. All are in the pocket-friendly price range between $5 to $10 plus tax. 

The Yellow Submarine Burger with Porky Fries on the side. Photo by Steban Rondon/SFMN.

Rock That Burger 

7138 SW 117th Ave. 


(305) 279-2110 (Pickup Only)

If you’re searching for a place that revives the best of the good old days, look no further than Rock That Burger. With a good selection of Rock’ n Roll classics and a setting reminiscent of the Pax Americana days, Rock That Burger’s menu appeals to both your taste and nostalgia.

We tried the yellow submarine for $13, a delicious combination of burger meat with potato sticks and grilled onions submerged in pineapple sauce and cilantro-mayo. And we can say this Colombian-style burger was a colorful flavor bomb worthy of carrying The Beatles’ song name. It is both unique and American in its own Kendall way.

The Sweet Pig Burger. Photo by Steban Rondon/SFMN.

109 Burger Joint 

646 SW 109th Ave.


(305) 228-0109

If you search behind the 109 Towers in front of Florida International University’s Mictch Maidique campus, you can find this small, bar-style restaurant where the service and good taste will be worth the parking odyssey. We tried the sweet pig, a honeyed combination of pork, meat and caramel sauce in a brioche buns. It exceeded our high expectations and was worth every penny of its $14 pricetag. However, this place doesn’t stop at the burgers. There is more on the menu to explore while watching a Sunday game. Try the homemade quesadillas and some perfectly deep-fried  wings. 

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