The Kite Festival returns to Haulover Park (includes video story) 

Hundreds of kites filled the sky above Miami’s Haulover Park this past weekend to celebrate its 31st annual Kite Festival. People of all ages were encouraged to bring unique kites and blankets to enjoy the windy day.  

The festival showcases dozens of massive show kites, including two giant whales, four 100-foot-long octopi, a 30-foot-long astronaut, and many others. 

“It’s actually quite magical seeing all the different kites that are here,” said Brian Gomez, a first-time kite festival guest. “And all the family fun that’s around, it’s one of a kind, I’d say.” 

A variety of vendors and food trucks had the opportunity to sell to the hundreds of guests at the festival. Activities such as making small paper kites and jumping on bounce houses were also offered at the event.

Every year, this festival is hosted by the Skywards Kites shop at Haulover Park, which sells a large selection of kites to the local community and visitors.

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