Ukraine puts drones onto the battlefield

After Russians used more than two dozen Russian drones in attacks in the Odesa region, Ukraine has put its own drones to work on the battlefield.

Although most Russian drones were shot down, Ukraine has implemented this advanced technology to increase its war power. The country sponsored a raid across enemy lines beginning at the Zaporizhzia front line. The Security Service of Ukraine’s drone pilot, “Pixel,” shared their drones are like an upgraded toy with more innovation and some magic. The drone is anticipated to go far over the front line.

The drone unit is made up of security service employees who have different roles.The call sign unit’s commander, Bankir, described their usefulness while showing a map of a disputed region.

“Now you can see on the road,” said Bankir, “this is Russian vehicles moving.”

Sofia Paredes is a senior major in digital communications and broadcast journalism with a concentration in E-marketing Analytics. After her studies, she plans to work for a social media agency and help businesses grow online.