Floridians are experiencing work burnout at an alarming rate (includes video story)

Work burnout has affected millions of people in the United States but Florida has particularly been affected. Floridians are having to apply for a second job to afford rent and in some extreme scenarios, a third job. Families are struggling with having one or more jobs causing them to burnout quicker and faster from their jobs.

Burnout has many different types of consequences and it affects people through their mental and physical health. A study conducted by WithinHealth found that in 2022, three Florida cities ranked in the top five for most burnt-out residents with Orlando in first place, Miami at number 4 and Tampa at number five.

Alba Moro, a student at Florida International University is studying Business with Marketing. She is currently a Resident Assistant for her dormitory and works full-time at a public relations company as a coordinator. On average, she is working around 70 hours a week trying to juggle both jobs. Luckily, her Resident Assistant job helps her with housing however she is graduating in the Spring of 2025 and is not sure where she is planning to go.

“I was looking at the actual rooms and I noticed that most of the rooms for one or two people are in the $1500 or $2000s,” said Moro. “It means I would need an actual high-paying job to be able to afford it.”

Moro had eventually found an apartment to share with a friend, her share coming to $1700 for her room and bathroom. Their total comes out to $3000 a month, close to Bayfront Park. As for what the future holds for people who are forced to work multiple jobs to survive, the next resolution is offering a higher pay wage.

Emma Alonso is a senior majoring in Digital Broadcast Media. She is passionate about photography and videography. After graduation she hopes to work in the photojournalism field, more specifically on the sidelines of an NFL or NBA team capturing stories through her camera.

Alba Lucia Lepe is a 21-year-old Spanish student majoring in Digital TV and Multimedia Production. She is a editorial and concert photographer, creative director and videographer. Currently works as Photography Director at Strike Magazine Miami and as a freelance photographer. Has an interest in doing photography full time and working as Photography Director in Films and Series.

David Vergara is a Senior Digital TV and Multimedia production student and is pursuing a film career.