Climb at the Edge Rock Gym in mountain-less Miami (includes video story)

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. Mountains, however, are nowhere in sight.

But an indoor rock climbing gym has been in existence since the 1980s. The Edge Rock Gym is a place where people can discover the sport of climbing. A community of climbers as well as the staff constantly encourage anyone who walks through the doors to properly ascend in the letter grade system, and some climbers have even entered national competitions.

Like all other gyms, the Edge had to close its doors in 2020 and has made big changes since reopening. Yet climbers of all levels say they appreciate the sport more, and new climbers are still constantly discovering it.

The gym is located at 13972 SW 139 Ct. You can climb with a partner and take a belay class — a rock climbing safety technique using ropes — or climb solo using auto belays, a device that takes up slack as you climb. Learn more information about pricing and any other concern on their website, or call (305) 233-6623.

Jennette Perdomo is an FIU senior in the interdisciplinary studies program. She hopes to see more of the world and learn more about its cultures. Growing up in a Colombian culture household, she is prideful, competitive, and always ready to tell a story as well as hear it. Jennette aspires to become a performer, an author, an artist, a business owner, and even a competitive rock climber. 

Javier Gallo is an FIU student studying digital communication and media. His love for screenwriting began in high school and grew until it became his career path. His side other interests include coming up with ideas for scripts and learning more about the stock market.