The Legal Landscape: Experts, opportunists and immigration, Part 3 (includes podcast)

The Legal Landscape navigates the complexities of Florida’s immigration system. The podcast focuses on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest immigration law and guests share insights on the impacts SB 1718 has on undocumented immigrants and different work sectors across the state.

Episode 1: Understanding SB 1718 

South Florida immigration lawyer Deidre Nero explains the ins and outs of the newly implemented SB 1718 law. Nero helps separate fact from fiction following several misconceptions about the law. She focuses on the challenges companies will face and how the state will be financially hurt.

Episode 2: Living in the Shadows 

Campaign strategist and business analyst Julio Calderon discusses the implications of the immigrant legislation. Calderon talks about the intersection between immigrant issues and lawmakers’ personal political aspirations. Calderon, who is an undocumented Honduran immigrant, reflects on his experience navigating the implementations of immigration laws at a national and state level.

Correction: This article had been labeled under a different series of stories about immigration.

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