Guatemalan injured athlete becomes a motivator and influencer (includes video story)

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Gerardo Abreu almost lost his leg in a motorcycle accident six years ago. Now, after sharing his complicated recovery, he has become a social media influencer.

After the accident, Gerardo had to abandon his lifestyle as a professional athlete who trained and played daily. He spent a month in the hospital, two months in bed, half a year in a wheelchair. He still needs to use crutches today.

“It has been difficult to cope with it. Because? Because I come out of one operation and a few months later I return to another,” says Gerardo.

After undergoing more than a dozen surgeries, he considers himself lucky with the life he has managed to build.

With only the use of one leg, Abreu now works as a personal trainer in Guatemala and shares on social networks, especially on Tik Tok, everything that keeps him positive. He already has more than 115,000 followers interested in his exercise and recovery routines.

“It motivates me to continue uploading content because I know that it inspires people who are going through the same thing,” says Gerardo.

Gerardo sees his accident as a life experience and learning. In the face of difficulties, he says he feels grateful and believes that difficult times have forged the person he is today.

Alejandra Ayala is a junior majoring in Digital and Interactive Media in the area of Communications at Florida International University. She currently works for PantherNOW as a photographer for the sports and entertainment areas. She's passionate about content creation, marketing and business. Her expected graduation is in May 2025, and after she graduates she would like to work for a news or marketing company.