Paramore fans had early access to the band’s newest album (includes video story)

Sweat Records, the famed record store in Miami, hosted an early album listening party for fans of the pop-punk band Paramore on Tuesday. The band partnered with 99 record stores around the world to host events for fans to hear their new comeback album, “This is Why,” four days before its release. 

About 40 Paramore fans crowded the small store on NE Second Avenue starting around 4 p.m. They came together to share this special moment of listening to new music and making new friends. The fans were especially excited to be given limited edition event giveaways like album posters, flexi-discs loaded with the song, and wristbands.

“It’s really great when bands actually take the time to care and do something cool for record stores,” Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin said. “To do something like this where the fans get a cool poster and these little treats, that’s really special. It makes the fans feel like the bands are really thinking about them, and more bands should follow their lead.”  

If you weren’t able to attend these listening parties, not to worry; “This is Why” will be officially released on Feb. 10. 

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