FIU grad starts teaching yoga to help others through pandemic stress (includes video story)

FIU alumna Amanda Bazil decided to help people find a bit of peace and relaxation during a stressful time. She also followed her dreams after graduating from communications last Spring.

Bazil started a yoga business last summer because some people, including Amanda herself, have been feeling stressed during the pandemic.

“I started my yoga business…when COVID and the protests that are happening globally were at the highest peak,” Bazil said. “It was a lot of tension. I knew that I wasn’t the only person who was feeling it.”

Yoga With Amanda Bazil LLC, has helped residents and her community in Miami. She plans to collaborate with people who have her same vision what which is getting the community back together again. 

“To me Yoga is life,” she said. “It really saved my life because the pandemic was very tough, and I found myself in a dark space many times.”  

Bazil’s classes are available in different locations in Miami. She shares her schedule every week online through her Instagram and Facebook accounts. For more information visit @yogawithamandabazilllc.



Fabian Osorio is a Colombian-Canadian senior student at FIU pursuing a bachelor's degree in broadcast media and a master's in Spanish language journalism. He has extensive experience in coordinating social media platforms, writing, photography, and videography. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he wants to work for the Hispanic television network in Miami, becoming a strong voice for the Hispanic community.