FIU takes on UCF in women’s tennis (includes video story)

This past Friday, the women’s tennis team at Florida International University took on the University of Central Florida on Panther territory.

FIU lost to UCF last year, which makes this victory much sweeter.

“It’s every day work… it’s not the luck,” said Katarina Petrovic, FIU’s women’s tennis coach. “It’s something that the girls put the work in and it showed today.”

The teams keeps training to spend the remainder of the season with confidence.

“I showed up for my teammates and my teammates showed up for me,” said Oyinlomo Quadre, a senior tennis player who recently received Conference USA’s Player of the Week. 

The final score was 4 to 2.

Kimora Miller is a senior seeking a bachelor’s degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communications at FIU. Her current interests involve sports entertainment, social media, collegiate dance, and on-air interviews.