Five best drinks in Wynwood

Thinking of your weekend plans? Well, think no further and tell your friends to meet at Wynwood! The neighborhood is full of bars for happy hour or just a night out. These provide a variety of delicious drinks to choose from. It could get a bit overwhelming deciding where to go, but don’t worry — we got you covered. So, grab your friends and get ready for a night out! Here are the top five drinks in Wynwood.

Rosemary’s Baby (Kelsey Salomon/Caplin News)

176 NW 24th St.
(305) 699-2669

First up is Rosemary’s Baby from Gramps. This drink contains New Amsterdam gin, homemade rosemary Earl Grey syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This drink comes with a little show of its own. The bartender will put an actual smoking rosemary plant on top of your drink which makes for a perfect Instagram moment! For $12 you can buy Gramps signature drink and during happy hour it’s half off! Go on down to Gramps to give it a try. Don’t worry, it’s never leaving the menu!

The Stush (Kelsey Salomon/Caplin News)

J. Wakefield Brewing
120 NW 24th St.
(786) 254-7779

If you are more of a beer person, you definitely want to check out J. Wakefield Brewing. Not only do the glasses represent the 305 with “Made in Dade,” but the quality of the beer is one of a kind. Try the Stush 5-ounce for only $2.50. The Stush is a traditional Berliner Weisse with sour ale and lemon zest. It is one the brewery’s most popular flavors. J. The place itself has a very specific “I could go for a beer after work” vibe. With their high-top tables, TVs and comfortable outdoor you’ll feel at home. There’s also a mural of Darth Vader for all the Star Wars fans out there. You can’t miss it!

Passion fruit mojito (Kelsey Salomon/Caplin News)

Miami Mojito Company
2509 NW 2nd Ave.
(786) 780-2777

If you like a tropical vibe, then you already know a mojito is the way to go. Miami Mojito Company has a wide selection of mojitos for different tastes! The most popular drink is the passion fruit mojito, which sells for only $6 during happy hour. It contains rum, crushed ice, soda water, sugar cane, lime juice and mint leaves. Not to mention, the bar is under a tiki hut! Miami Mojito Company definitely makes you want to drop everything and book a tropical vacation.

Jimador draft margarita (Kelsey Salomon/ Caplin News)

Coyo Taco
2300 NW 2nd Ave.
(305) 573-8228

Next up is the Jimador draft margarita! If you’re looking for more of a casual, cheap drink head on over to Coyo Taco to enjoy this cocktail. This $7.50 margarita is perfect for happy hour and goes along just right with their selection of mouth-watering tacos. You can also pair this margarita with the restaurant’s guacamole and chips to make your happy hour a little bit better! Made with Coyo Taco’s Jimador tequila and garnished with salt on the rim, this margarita is perfectly simple for your five o’ clock drink.

The Wynwood Inferno (Kelsey Salomon/ Caplin News)

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
2550 NW 2nd Ave.
(305) 722-8959

Last but certainly not least, is a pricey drink that’s worth every penny. The Wynwood inferno is located at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. This drink is popular among loyal customers. It also contains Jimador tequila, paired with muddled jalapeño, cilantro, lime juice and passion fruit juice. For $14 you can enjoy this customer-favorite cocktail. If you prefer organic tequila it’s an additional $2. So what are you waiting for? It’s five o’ clock somewhere — make your way to Wynwood!

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