Some SAT tests were canceled, but Florida universities continued requirement (includes video story)

This year, SAT tests were canceled in many places in Florida due to the pandemic, causing high school students and their parents to be concerned about the future.

The cancellations were particularly common in South Florida, where schools were shut down for longer periods of time, so many had to travel to take the tests.

Underprivileged students were particularly affected. Not everyone can afford to travel and possibly stay in a hotel to take the SAT. Lizette Monzon, an English teacher at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School, added that “once again it feels like if you are from a certain stratosphere socioeconomically, you have your foot in the door.”

At least partially as a result of the canceled tests. some schools have removed the SAT requirement from their admissions criteria or at least have made it optional.

This past fall, the College Board announced that a third of the 312,000 students who registered for the Nov. 7 SAT and SAT Subject Tests couldn’t take the test because of limits or closings. Of the 363,000 registered to take the SAT or the SAT Subject Tests on Oct. 3, almost half couldn’t make it.

Florida universities were unique for not relaxing rules on the SAT or ACT. Florida requires applicants to take one of the tests.

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